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  • PaySite CMS 5.0 Hot Features
  • Automated transcoding of video, pictures, previews and trailers
  • Powerful keyword tagging faciliating powerful searching capabilities
  • Flexible content delivery ensuring unlimited scalability
  • Create unlimited sites from one content pool

PaysiteCMS Manual

Download the manual. Please read over the manual, and review it before submitting a support ticket. This will save everyone a lot of time :)

Project Manager

When e-mailing a ticket to our support system please follow this templateSubject: Brief but accurate description of the problem. No more than 10 words
Client ID: Numerical Client ID given to you at time of signup
Description: Write as much as you want but PLEASE be clear and when posting a ticket don't assume that we know about your whole list of previous problems. Please try to treat each ticket as your first support request. DO NOT compile multiple problems into a single ticket as this makes it extremely difficult for us to track progress for ourselves and very difficult for us to show your the progress made on individual problems listed within one bug.Additional NotesIf you are making a request for a feature which has not previously been discussed you MUST highlight the subject of the ticket with [feature] to help us react to it quickly and in a timely fashion. Feature requests must go through a chain of authorisation in our company and will very likely incur additional charges for your project. By tagging the subject it allows your project manager to immediately recognise a ticket he must approve instead of waiting for our 1st level support developers from reviewing the ticket and flagging it as 'awaiting approval'.To change ticket prioritya) Use the e-mail priority flag to increase the priority during e-mail
b) Follow the ticket link received in your INBOX after sending the ticket and use the web interface to change the ticket priority.

Project Manager

You should ONLY contact the project manager assigned to you at the start of your project. Failure to do this makes it difficult to fix gaps in knowledge amongst our team and the immediate satisfaction of receiving a reply from someone has a more unfortunate long term side affect of disrupting the prioritisation of any future support requests.