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  • PaySite CMS 5.0 Hot Features
  • Automated transcoding of video, pictures, previews and trailers
  • Powerful keyword tagging faciliating powerful searching capabilities
  • Flexible content delivery ensuring unlimited scalability
  • Create unlimited sites from one content pool

Do you have to design my site, or can I do it myself?

You don't have to utilize the services of AdultDesign.com to have a site powered by PaysiteCMS.

What kind of template system do you use?

We use the Smarty template system.

Are leasing options available for your system?

No, a leasing option is currently not available but we do expect that it will become available later in 2008.

Do you provide server architecture for a large site setup?

We provide consulting on server hardware and architecture for clients who choose our hosting company, EnvisionextHost. Otherwise your host should provide that information.

Does PaysiteCMS generate screenshots from video?

Yes it does. You can select a timeframe to generate thumbnails from video and generate as many as you like.

Does PaysiteCMS watermark images or videos?

Yes, PaysiteCMS watermarks both videos and images. Both image and text watermarks can be applied.

Do you offer Geo-Loadbalancing solutions?

Yes, PaysiteCMS can be easily set up to deliver geographically load balanced content, enabling the user to receive content from the closest server.

Additionally we offer European and US hosting options for our hosted clients.